Saturday, August 2, 2014


As the most popular summer carnival in Hong Kong, ACGHK is packed with the best selection of animation, comics, games, toys, limited edition collectibles and a variety of hit-hot performance and  activities to keep spirit high.

(The lighting of the photo is too bad so I turned it into b&w.)

(Sakura Momoko a.k.a my childhood memories.)


(Actually Iron Patriot is my favorite because of the color combo. lol)

(Some cosplayers I captured that day.)

I guess this post is quite unexpected for you guys because I am not particularly into animation and games but I recently accompanied my brother to the ACGHK, an animation and comics expo held every summer in the HKCEC. My brother and I didn't find this year's fair very interesting as the portion of  animation had been reduced. However, we did have some fun in the event. Above are some photos that I took and I hope you enjoy. :)   xx

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  1. i really like this kind of event. cute ticket.thanks for sharing

  2. awwww, love these photos!


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