Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black and White Update

Hey, bro.

Trying to capture my well-tied french braid which is a first.

Pathetically struggling for Maths on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

Before the hailstorm.

The downpour on Sunday night.

The good news is that my mom had bought me a new camera which I haven't used to shoot any outfits yet due to the weird and extreme weather these few days. Strange as it is, I'm actually kinda enjoying this kind of shady and dampy weather as it's such a great time for SLEEEEEEPING. (not proud to say that I fall asleep during lessons but who can resist?) Enough for the weather, playing with my new baby, I found black and white pictures really fascinating recently. It brings out the feelings in portraits and mood in basically every photo. Part 2 of my shoot with Jess from Third of November coming up soon. Click here to see part 1 if you havent.    xx

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  1. these photos are great :D lovely blog too, can't wait to see more from you! and i'm so excited for you to shoot with your new camera!
    if you're interested and haven't already, lets follow each other! do let me know.


  2. Totally love bnw photos! So artistic how you captured the moment.
    Love this post
    Kisses from Hungary,


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