Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dark Spring

Being quite skeptical about this outfit, I was not sure if I want to post it here. I guess sometimes I'd like to experiment with different things so I think this is not my usual style? Even though I'm uncertain about what "my style" is. haha. 

Needless too say, school life is still super stressful and I am kind of sick right now which makes me realise that it may be a good thing because a) I am allowed to be a little bit more lazy. b) I have one more excuse to escape from school and homework. I know, I know, one shouldn't be that negative but I really want a break from my hectic life. My blog is probably my only outlet now.

Top and faux leather shorts from local stores / Leggings - F21 / Converse

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  1. Anonymous31/3/14 04:53

    the top is so beautiful, and the whole outfit is so cool. sometimes I feel like you, I just put some cloths that I will never wear and in the end it's look good (:


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