Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fluffy Sweater

I kinda get too excited and can't wait to post these photos so here it is!! I bought this fluffy black sweater the other day and I'm in love. Actually think I'm gonna live in it through the rest of the winter. lol Got a lot of weird glances when my brother and I were shooting this but whatever we had a very fun time playing around.  School is alright as exam was over and the Chinese New Year is approaching which makes it the best time of the year. Hope your week is beyond fine so far.  xx

Here are some behind the scenes for you:

(Clear blue sky that day)

(Selfie in the middle of the shoot lol My brother was behind me)

Sweater - Heather / Dress - H&M / Converse

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  1. Anonymous22/1/14 15:52

    You are completely gorgeous in this look. Love the skirt and high top chucks combination.

  2. cute look! that sweater looks so cozy & comfy!


  3. Love the look, the sweater and the skirt is adorable together<3

  4. waaa, I love the photos. You rock this outfit!! You look sweet and innocent but super chic too~~ hehe

  5. adorable and i love your skirt<3 especially the color! it's such a great ootd <3
    keep up the awesome work and i am looking forward to seeing more from you! [:
    oh and if you're interested, let's follow each other!! do let me know!



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