Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colors of Rainbow Outfit : Red

Hey guys! Guess what, I'm starting a new series of outfit post here and it's called "Colors of Rainbow Outfit".
It's quite obvious that what will be featured in those outfit posts and I'm posting the red one today! :)
Please comment down below telling me if you like this new series or not.
I appreciate all of your comments. 
By the way, summer has gone so fast that it's already August now!
I'm kinda excited about going back to school this year and I don't know why. (actually, I do. I've watched too many back to school videos on youtube.)
And the inspiration post will go from weekly to monthly now because I think I should focus on doing more outfit posts. :)
Hope you enjoy this one and I'll see you on Saturday.  xx

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  1. Anonymous12/8/13 07:55

    You're a cutie! Love your converse.

    Xo, Hannah

  2. Anonymous18/8/13 05:25

    Fresh and beautiful look in the casual clothes and chucks!!


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