Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hungry Korean

( Beef  Bi Bim Bap)

(Left: Dduk Bok Gi     Right: Gim Bap)

(Jap Chae)

(the hungry boyfriend. lol)

Hungry Korean is a Korean (obviously) fast food store in Hong Kong and it sells the best Korean cuisine I have ever tasted. My boyfriend Angus really likes the beef Bi Bim Bap while I enjoy basically everything but if I have to choose, I think I like the sushi roll the best because it's my obsession. lol The only bad thing about this restaurant is that there's no legitimate English name for the dishes and it's kinda awkward to order but this shouldn't be the obstacle that stops you from going there!

Unit B, G/F, Astoria Building
24-38 Ashley Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop D, G/F, Jardine Centre
50 Jardine's Bazaar

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  1. The food looks amazing, since I'm korean I eat korean food all the time! One of my favorites is Dduk Bok Gi!!

    1. You are so lucky to be a Korean! I enjoy eating that a lot too xx

  2. Looks so yummy!
    I followed you on bloglovin, follow back?
    Happy Easter,

  3. i would love to try this restaurant since my favourite korean restaurant has closed down.


    1. I highly recommend trying it as everything tastes so good and its not expensive at all. :)


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