Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Things

Digging through my makeup and jewellery box in the beginning of spring sounds like a good idea so I gather some little things that I love for you guys today. Most of these are old stuff that I bought last season or even years ago, like the bracelet I got in Cheung Chau. It's interesting to rediscover the things we loved and find that we are still enchanted when we see them again.

1) Bracelet that I got in a craft store in Cheung Chau.
2) Rose gold owl ring from a store in Cheung Chau again and rings from Forever21.
3) Pink nail polishfrom Etude House.
4)Benefit sugar bomb lip gloss which is in a darker nude color. Perfect for everyday wear and spring.
5) Flower candles which smell like mango and passionfruit.

Hope you all have a nice Monday (even though it's kinda impossible) and maybe rediscover some little things that you love while you are doing some cleaning this spring. Until next time.    xx

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  1. I love the FF21 ring with the little chain. And that Etude House polish looks really cute too!

  2. Loved this post! The nailpolish is adorbs! I tagged you to do the spring tag<3


  3. Wonderful rings <3
    Also love the nailpolish


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