Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baseball Girl

Hey lovelies! :) How are you lately?
I just can't believe it's November already! How's your Halloween?
I'd love to hear everything about it because celebrating Halloween is not popular in Hong Kong so I don't have a chance to do so!

Other than the daunting school work as usual, I caught a cold!
My voice sounds so gross right now that I don't even wanna talk!
I hate being sick and the medicine is just a dead duck!
Cross your fingers for me so I'll get better soon. :)

Leave me comments below telling me everything because reading your comments make me feel better every time! :)    xx

Top - H&M / Dungarees - Local store / Knee-high socks - taobao / Converse

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  1. Anonymous2/11/13 13:55

    Super sweet in the stockings and chucks!

  2. Loving the overalls~ You look cute as always!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  3. Love the outfit<3

  4. Adorable! Love how you styled the dungarees x

  5. u look so cute in shortall!! i have that socks too! :D



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