Saturday, October 12, 2013

Red Wine

I was in love with these boots when I first saw them in the store. I mean, who can resist buying a pair of black ankle boots with gold details on it?
However, after I bought it home and wore this out, I found that it can get pretty noisy as the metals clash with each other as I walk!
But whatever, I'm still very much in love with it and gonna wear this for the rest of fall and winter.
Also, I realized that I didn't have many pants in my wardrobe (not even a pair of black skinny jeans) so I decided to go to shop for some pants. Any good suggestions? :)

denim shirt - local store / burgundy dress - H&M / boots - F21

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  1. Lovely boots! chic look!
    You have really great blog and I'd love to follow each other to keep in touch. let me know if u want
    Kisses from Hungary,


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