Monday, September 23, 2013

Mid-autumn Festival and Updates

Hey lovelies! :)
How have you been? I'm so so sorry for not posting over a week!
School had been very busy but luckily we have an extra day off because of the typhoon today!
A four-day weekend is more than enough and I guess I'm ready to go back to school and my blogging schedule!

Last Thursday was the Mid-autumn Festival which is a traditional Chinese festival.
I had so much fun walking around with lanterns and eating tons of mooncake!
Sorry for the bad quality of photos though, I don't really know how to manage the lighting at night!
Flash light just brings the worst photo! :(

Also, as I got a tutoring job after school, I'm kinda busy now so I'm changing my blogging schedule to  every Saturday.
Stay tuned for the outfit post coming Saturday! :)
Sneak peak: It's a collaboration with another blogger! (yayyyy!)

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  1. I remembered the times where I carry these type of paper lanterns and play with candles at the park. Sad now that everyone has grown up and no one is willing to play anymore. So nice of your family to spend the day together! :D

    I love your pants btw.
    Can't wait to see the collaboration.

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    cassandra xx

    1. yeah it's so fun to spend the night like this and thank you :D

  2. Cool photos! You look cute in the stripy pants!
    Kisses from Hungary,


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