Saturday, August 17, 2013

Colors of Rainbow Outfit : Green

Guess you are wondering where's the color green in this outfit and I have to say I'm soooo sorry because my camera sucks.
The top is actually in mint green but somehow it appears as a blue-ish color in the photo.
I'm really sorry about it as it isn't the first time. :(
But I still want to post this  because I really like this outfit and I hope you like it too! :)
Btw, I officially hate my camera now but since I can't afford a new one so I guess I'm just gonna tolerate it. for the rest of my life
Again, I'm so sorry!

As the typhoon weather hasn't gone so I don't think I can shoot any day soon.
But you need not worry because I've shot the remaining outfits for this series already! (yay!! I'm so smart)
Hope you enjoy this one and I'll see you next time.   xx

Top - H&M / Blazer - Local store in HK / Pleather shorts - Local store in HK / Bag - F21 / Converse - Converse

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  1. such cute & charming look <3 great jacket u've got there :)


  2. Cute outfit!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  3. Anonymous18/8/13 05:29

    This is your best outfit so far. Love everything about it from the bow in your hair down to your chucks and everything in between. The shorts are especially nice!!

  4. love your shorts so much!

  5. Anonymous17/9/13 06:52

    Cool one. Jacket is amazing :D



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