Saturday, June 1, 2013

Young and Beautiful

Hi guysssssss! Are you enjoying summer like I do?
It's super hot here in Hong Kong and the sun was burning fiercely this afternoon when I was shooting outdoor.
The sun was so bright that my bro and I couldn't open our eyes and just wanted to finish it quickly so we could head back into the air-conditioned house asap!

Floral skirt is actually one of my summer essentials as it's adorable for a sunny summer day.
I bet I'll still wear them pretty often this  summer since I'm just obsessed with them!
Do you guys own any cute floral skirt? Tell me in the comment if you do!
You can also tweet me with the picture of your skirt or tag me in instagram! (yeah, I got a twitter accout recently)

Hope you all enjoy summer time like I do!   xx

denim top - Forever21 / floral skirt - H&M / shoes - Converse

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  1. Lovely carefree outfit! You look super adorable xx


  2. Love the sun and your outfit.

  3. cute outfit!! x

  4. Anonymous18/8/13 05:22

    Love you in the denim top, skirt and high top chucks!!!!!


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