Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tiara Obsession

(All images from Tumblr)

I'm currently in love with everything pink and sparkling, especially tiarasssss!
And actually, I'm a princess from Venus. (like seriously)
I owned a colossal palace back there and got a whole collection of tiaras!
Ok, I'm kinda being weird and delusional now but being a princess had been my childhood dream since I was born. (I'm not exaggerating)
I loved wearing my mum's evening dress and pretending to be a princess when I was a toddler.
However, I've never got a tiara, so a tiara is now on the top of my wish-list!
Gonna find a pretty one and take lots of pictures with it this summer!!!
Stay tuned!          xx

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  1. There's always time to finish your transformation into princess!

    Amen Fashion †

    1. but first, I need to get a tiara lol

      thanks for commenting! xx


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