Sunday, May 12, 2013

Officially sixteen

Sorry for not updating for the whole week. (again, I know)  I was pretty tired this week due to my sickness and the heavy work load. I still haven't fully recovered from the cold I caught on Monday.

Yesterday was my birthday and I went to Ikea with my boyfriend and had lunch there. I dined out with my family and had a taste of birthday cake last night with them. It was a quiet , yet happy day with the ones I love. :) Actually, I don't see birthday as a special day as I really don't understand why I should celebrate my aging. (yeah, I hate getting older) Anyway, big thanks to all people who had wished me happy birthday. :)

Enjoy your Sunday guys.  xx

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  1. get well soon love
    again happy birthday:)
    you're not aging just getting maturer;/

    1. thanks :)
      and I think you're right about the maturing :)

  2. Anonymous18/8/13 05:20

    You're beautiful in the chucks and that outfit!


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