Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Youtube obsession

Hey guys! How do you do? :)
I'm currently obsessed with watching makeup and outfits videos on Youtube and Macbarbie07 is my favourite Youtuber lately!
As you may know, students need to wear dull (mostly) uniforms to school in Hong Kong and we are not allowed to wear makeup. (sighs)
However, I love watching videos talking about back to school outfits as they always give me some good inspirations!
I really enjoyed the video above by Macbarbie07 as if you are a frequent reader, you know my finals are coming so the study tips in the video are quite useful for me.
Lazy as I am, I should push myself a lot more to achieve good results in the finals.
Last but not least, for those who are concerned, the next outfit post is coming!
I'm gonna edit the photos really quickly and try to be a diligent blogger. :p

Hope you all enjoy the video I recommended and stay tuned!  xx.

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  1. is awesome video
    if hk student can do that also, i think we'll go to school happily lol

    1. yes!!
      Wearing clothes that I love can definitely make school more interesting!.:)


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