Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lost in reality

Seems like I've abandoned this blog for a very long time and hey I'm back! School drives me crazy as there's so much homework and tests these days! I don't have the time to scroll through Tumblr and shoot any outfit posts lately so I didn't update the blog for the past few weeks.

I went to Nam Sang Wai with my friends from fellowship last Saturday. It was sunny so we took a lot of beautiful photos and had a lot of fun! (even though I almost died from the heat)

I promise I'll post a video diary on Nam Sang Wai this week!

I went to a charity fashion show called Nouveau with my friend Jessica yesterday. The models were all so confident and it really inspired me. Girls with confidence in themselves were really attractive and  beautiful and I really hope that I'll become one one day!:)

And thanks to my friend Jessica for taking the photos for me! I had lots of fun with her yesterday night! Her blog is really fascinating and she shoots like a real model so you may want to visit her blog. :)

Gonna update soon! xx.  (I promise lol)

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